---- Interview with Silver Lords
---- 02/02/2001

光通信のWebを書き換えたチーム、Silver Lords のリーダー、Macwiz にメールで
13.で「あなたにとっての "hack" とは?」と尋ねたつもりだったのですが、少し誤解されたようなので

Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 12:46:58 -0800 (PST)
From: Silver Lords 
Subject: Re: I wanna have interview with Silver Lords
To: White_E 

hi there

1. well...No ..all members are not from Brasil..macwiz
and mirinda are from Pakistan. and they both are under

2. well..all members are like in between 15-17.

3. Well...we started hacking 3 years back..and the
main reason for starting hacking was to get kashmir
and indian war allover...but we are still trying our
best...we will get some new logo's and new index.html
for defacements soon.

4.as deasribed in answer 3.

5.Well..yea ...an official web-page will be launched

6. well..not sure about the tools..we will think when
our official page is ready and we will have a meeting
with all other members about releasing the tools.

7.Special plans....hmm ofcourse ...we have some but
cant tell ya atm :0

8.well..yeah hikari.co.jp was a cool site and was a
famous one...i got like hell of emails from differnet
people ...that how we hacked it ...even Cnet Singapore
mailed us about it...

9. well..i am not sure about the hikari.co.jp
security..ill give a look to that domain...and see if
everything is patched/secured there :)

10. when the war between india and kashmir be finished
and there is a peace all over the world.

11.well..not yet as hacker...we are scriptkiddie's

12.well..there are many hacker i know off...all are
good at their places.

13. no one...we hack in a team discussion.

14.No..i dont know

15. well...i would like to say that all Japanese are
allowed to mail be for their security reason..ill be
happy to reply them.. thats all

anyother questions...mail me

--- White_E  wrote:
> Okay, thanks. Let's start.
> You don't need to answer all question, of cource.
> 1. Where do you live in? All members are in Brasil?
> 2. How old are you?
> 3. When and Why did you start to hack?
> 4. Why did you start web-defacements?
> 5. Do you have a plan to make your official web
> site?
> 6. Do you have a plan to release your original
> tools?
> 7. Do you have any special plans?
> 8. Did you know that hikari.co.jp is very famous
> company
>    in Japan before your defacement?
> 9. http://www.hikari.co.jp/hikari/20010201.htm
>    Here, hikari.co.jp says "We've done security
> review for
>    our network and made effort not to be hacked
> again."...
>    Were hikari.co.jp's security made to be better
> now?
> 10. When will you stop your defacement?
> 11. Do you think yourself as a hacker?
> 12. Who do you think the best hacker?
> 13. What is the "hack" for you?
> 14. Do you know a name of any hacker in Japan?
> 15. Say anything freely to Japanese.
> Thanks :)
> Again, nice jobs guys :)

written by White_E <white_e@iname.com>

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